The Pentagram


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Release your dark side with our Pentagram harness. Conjure some witchy spirits in style, or use it as an anchor for your other bondage accessories. Picture a leash pulling you along, or your hands cuffed to the back.


The Pentagram is a 5-pointed star polygon.

In the past the Pentagram symbol was seen as a symbol of good and used to ward off evil. In Taoism, the Pentagram’s points show the five classical elements: Earth, Water, Wood, Fire, and Metal. Christians once used the Pentagram to indicate the five wounds of Jesus. The Christian church – The church of Jesus Christof latter-day saints, has been using the symbol in their temple architecture.

Today Wiccans and Pagans use the symbol and believe that it has magical properties.

Pentagram symbols have been found in China dating back 5000 years, and early Pentagrams were found on Sumerian pottery 3500 BCE. In the 6th century BC, the Greeks (Pythagorism) used the symbol for recognition of wellbeing and to recognize good deeds and charity.

In 300 BCE the Pentagram was the symbol for Jerusalem.

Both Morocco and Ethiopia have the Pentagram on their flags.

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