About Us

Bondage wear is fashion wear.

We believe that bondage wear is becoming more in vogue, as it is being used as a trendy fashion statement, and it is now accepted on the catwalk, at the Oscars or in a nightclub.

Our Story

We are a mature husband and wife team, who started the bondage business in our garage at the end of 2021.

Originally, we started our Bodacious Bras business during lockdown. When we saw that the bras were so well received, we began developing our bondage range, starting with a few harnesses and cuffs. They were an instant hit!!

We then extended our range to include more harnesses, several collars, a leash, both black and red fleece-lined cuffs, and recently, a puppy and a kitty mask. Burton has to be constantly reigned in, as he wants to keep designing more varied erotic gear. We now employ several people to manufacture our products.

We have concentrated on keeping our designs gender neutral, which has been carried through to the names of the various harnesses.

As we are entirely involved in the production of our goods, we have been able to make several custom designs for customers.

Our aim is to promote bondage wear as acceptable both on the fashion stage as well as in the wonderful world of kink.

Tania and Burton

Founders, Owners

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